The International Master in Industrial Management (IMIM) is a multi-site Master Program, designed to provide students with primarily scientific or engineering based educational backgrounds with essential business and managerial skills, relevant to pursuing careers in internationally orientated manufacturing and services industries.

Classes are taught in up to six different locations, which correspond to the sites of the participating universities.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - SPAIN

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – SPAIN


Heriot-Watt University Scotland – UK– DUBAI


Northwestern Polytechnical University – CHINA


Politecnico di Torino – ITALY


Tecnológico de Monterrey – MEXICO

The duration of the programme is 16 months + Master Thesis

Semesters 1 and 2 will be dedicated to the Foundations of Management

The FIRST semester in Madrid will address the relation between business decisions, organization and strategy, management in an interconnected world, finance and general management skills.

The SECOND semester in Edinburgh will on operations, strategic links between projects and business strategy and understanding and measuring business performance and its links to delivering strategy.

For semester 3, students have the following options

  • Challenges for managing Logistics and Supply Chain in Global Business Environments (30 ECTS) Dubai
  • Doing Business with/on China (30ECTS) Xi’an
  • Engineering & Finance (32ECTS) Torino
  • Innovation (32 ECTS) / Data Science (32 ECTS) México

The final semester is for master thesis and can be performed virtually in any of the partner universities

All teaching activities are in English. A significant amount of these take an interactive approach, through extensive use of group-based work, case studies and seminars in order to stimulate dialogue and learning from the diverse experiences of students and teachers.

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Do you need more info?

IMIM Programme gives companies the occasion to select qualified personnel, with a quicker and more effective recruitment process. Some IMIM past students are currently working in:

  • EON
  • HP



Fee includes tuition, examination and administrative services provided by each academic institution.

*Travel and accommodation expenses are excluded from the fee.

Candidates may apply for IMIM tuition waivers which are partial discounts and are awarded based mainly on the following criteria:

  • Candidates activating the application before March 31st 2021 will get an Early-Bird discount of 1,000€
  • Students coming from IMIM partner institutions are eligible for discounts of up to 4,000€

Candidates can also apply for IMIM Scholarships that will be awarded based on merits.


Juan Manuel, Costa Rica
2010-2012 IMIM edition

“To say that IMIM is a one of a kind learning opportunity for international business and European industry is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a model for world cooperation and understanding, a gateway into truly experiencing different cultures, and without a doubt one of the best experiences of our lives. Truly changing in a professional, cultural, and personal sense.”

Pedro, Brazil
2009-2011 IMIM edition

“Besides all the knowledge in industrial management acquired along the program, I see an even bigger value on the multi-cultural experience that IMIM allows us. You must learn to be flexible enough to adapt to different rules, lifestyles and mind-sets in order to live the best experience in each country and enjoy it. Moreover, all of this takes place while studying in leading universities in Europe with top level classmates. No doubt, it has being one of the greatest experiences I ever had!”

Maria Fernanda, Venezuela
2010-2012 IMIM edition


“IMIM has been an amazing opportunity for merging academic knowledge, with work experience and International exposure. IMIM is an academically challenging program, professionally significant, and socially fulfilling. It combines management vision with the challenges and new methodologies emerging in modern manufacturing and service industries piloted by teachers with high expertise in their field and top level education. Most significantly for me, IMIM has been an opportunity to learn from diversity, to embrace change and new ways of thinking, sharing with highly talented motivated classmates in a multi-cultural environment. In our case, four continents covered in one classroom. Truly and meaningful friendships have been born in this life changing experience. I am confident that future will offer unlimited opportunities for us. IMIM it’s a platform, a catalyst to apply for positions of greater responsibility in an International Business Environment and essentially, a Network of Future Managers.”

Ricardo, Mexico
2009-2011 IMIM edition

“The IMIM program did not only provide me with a deeper knowledge of Industrial Management from three recognized technical universities, but it has also allowed me to share the experience with new and interesting people from all around the world – in my case, 19 nationalities in a class of 33! Living in some of the most important cities in Europe gives this program a unique approach to the true meaning of globalization and has inevitably helped me in being more culturally aware. Needless to say, the possibility of writing the master thesis while cooperating with a European company increases the value of the IMIM program.”

Petchprakai, Thailand
2006-2008 IMIM edition

“IMIM is not only studying in different places with multinational students and having opportunities to travel, but also learning to work with diverse group, to live in different cultures and to manage legal administrative issues.”

Rodrigo, Mexico
2008-2010 IMIM edition

“IMIM has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. It has given me the opportunity to gather profound knowledge on Industrial Management subjects that I am sure will be of great relevance for my professional career. It has also given me the chance to deeply know foreign cultures, both from living in foreign countries, and also for the wide diversity of fellows in the Master program. But most important it has given me the chance to meet a selected group of the most talented individuals in the world, from which I learn day to day and that challenge me to become a better person, who have became my second family and with which I am sure friendship bonds will last lifetime.”

Susana, Portugal
2014-2016 IMIM edition

“The main particularity that distinguishes the IMIM Master is the soft skills development due to its particular circumstances. Firstly, we study in 3 different universities of reference and contact with different teaching bodies from varied backgrounds who share their professional experience. Additionally, by living, working, travelling and sharing experiences with such an international class, together we improve our understanding of other cultures, adaptation capabilities and mind elasticity. Moreover, we contact with other Erasmus Mundus, increasing the international mix and building a strong contact network hardly found elsewhere.”

Vladimir, Bulgaria
2014-2016 IMIM edition

“IMIM is one of the most exciting and challenging experiences that I have had. It gives high quality management education, combined with many other opportunities to learn. We have the chance to live and work with our colleagues, coming from all over the world. Moreover, we meet many different professors in the three universities, who have different business experiences and teaching approaches, but all challenge us to think critically and to be proactive. The program is very helpful in finding job opportunities and in developing our personal skills. Finally, we have a lot of opportunities to travel and to get to know the different cultures.”

Eduardo, Spain
2016-2018 IMIM edition

You can’t define IMIM as a Master’s degree…it is also not a class, it is not a cohort. IMIM is an international educational family in which everyone takes care of everyone: students, professors, organization… a closed circle of teaching, learning, caring and enjoying the world and the people from a different angle. Friends learning about each other’s (completely different) cultures while experiencing high-end education in top-tier business and technical schools. It changed and keeps changing my life for the better, and I will be always thankful for that.”

Saransh, India
2010-2012 IMIM edition

“IMIM program is unique in many respects. Firstly, Teaching is imparted by a healthy mix of theory and cases. The professors are expert in their field. The guest professors from US expose us to the latest industrial practices across the Atlantic. Secondly, The industry interaction of the consortium universities is very strong. In one semester in Como, we had the chance to interact with senior executives from companies such as Sony Italia, Carrefour, Artsana, Ceva Logistics, Comiflar. It helps to associate our learning in class to its application in industry. Thirdly, The IMIM experience gives an opportunity to experience three different cultures first hand. Students learn new languages, develop a global mindset and make friends with people around the world. Additionally, it gives an opportunity to see the world. I travelled and explored Rome, Florence, Venice, Seville, Madrid, Milan, Lyon all within a year’s time. The pile of questions I had during my last three years in industry are being answered one after the other. I Strongly recommend individuals with a global mindset to attend the program.”

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