IMIM Ecosystem

 ACCIONA, the new IMIM corporate partner, will offer to our students the chance to do internships while developing their Master Thesis during the final semester of the programme. 

There are also some potential scholarships as tuition waivers from ACCIONA.

The IMIM Consortium develops and strengthens co-operation with businesses.

We aim to improve the quality of education by exchanging experiences with a broad range of companies and organizations. Together we discuss common problems to develop the right skills for inter-disciplinary collaboration and adaptation to a constantly changing landscape which requires a lifelong learning approach.

In IMIM we value promoting innovation and knowledge transfer. We co-develop innovative ideas which can be turned into novel products and services to create benefits for businesses and foster market growth.

There are many ways for companies and organizations to become actively involved in our IMIM Ecosystem:

  • Internship Programme
  • Lectures, webinars, seminars, workshops
  • Special benefits for our students
  • Company visits

IMIM Intership Programme

The last semester of IMIM Programme is entirely devoted to the master thesis work which may also be conducted in collaboration with companies and organizations, Our students, guided by our faculty members, are assigned to business projects. Eager to help companies out, they can pursue goals such as problem definition, research and data analysis, in combination with a full report stating recommendations and solutions.

These are some examples of companies which took part in the IMIM Internship Programme:

Lectures and Seminars

IMIM academic instruction include lectures, webinars, seminars and workshops held by companies’ representatives, aimed at improving students’ strategic approach to processes development.

Special benefits for our students

Some companies collaborating with the IMIM Consortium award scholarships to applicants meeting their specific requirements.

Company visits

Company visits are part of the IMIM students’ Curriculum, so that they are shown how those processes and managerial strategies discussed in the classroom are actually carried out.

IMIM Programme gives companies the occasion to select qualified personnel, with a quicker and more effective recruitment process. Some IMIM past students are currently working in

If you are a company or an organization willing to cooperate with IMIM Programme, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to provide you with all the information you need.

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