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Summary Webinar: How ready are you for the job hunt?

IMIM job hunt

The panel discussion was hosted by Edinburgh Business School in partnership with The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Next Generation Committee, UAE.

In this interactive panel discussion, the students got the panel of experts’ views and insights on the key factors that will enhance their job search readiness and help them maximize their opportunities in a highly competitive job market.

During the session students were also be able to measure their readiness for a job hunt and they got an opportunity to engage and ask the expert panelists questions regarding the topics discussed and more. The session ended with a networking activity which helped attendees to expand their professional network.

Dr Shereen Nassar, Global Director of Logistics Studies at Heriot-Watt University Dubai

Guest Speakers:
Ms. Kabira Bhatporia – Head of HR – MEA & Turkey – JLL
Mr. Sanjay Desai – Co-Founder, Regional Director Talent Development & Exec placement at Humana International Group
Ms. Alisha Annie Maben – Customer Solution Analyst at Nestle

The key takeaways of the panel discussion were the following:
1) The way of working is changing – Be Agile and Adaptive at all times.
2) It is very important to be Digitally Driven, Master Analytical skills – Ability to Understand data, Solve problems and Make decisions.
3) Positive mindset to learn – Developing Empathy and Emotional Intelligence.
4) Gain experience and Learn how and when to put theory or principles into practise.
5) Resume is your Business card / teaser, Make it more personal, Short and precise.
6) LinkedIn is the extension of your CV. Keep it up to date and relevant to your profession.
7) Networking is the most powerful and effective way to get job in this region.
8) Job Interview questions are structured into Technical and General. The questions include Behavioural, Skill/Competency, Customer/Business Acumen and Growth mindset.
9) When answering to Behavioural Questions, Always Remember the word STAR.
10) Apply Jobs with a tailored CV.
11) Be visible to your professional Network, Keep attending Seminars. Never ask for job, Always be resourceful and add value to people.

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